Let me start this post off by saying I am not athletic. Sure I enjoy going to the gym on a regular basis, but I was never part of a sports team growing up in school. Don't get me wrong, if I have the chance to try something new, I will. So last week when I was given the opportunity to try out cable wake boarding at the new West Rock Wake Park at Levings Lake, I couldn't say no.

wake board 1 

Right up until I got in the water, I was so nervous. I had tried water skiing for the first time this summer and failed at it...so flashbacks of that kept running through my mind. I thought maybe this would be better since my feet were on the same board instead of two skis. All nerves aside, I patiently waited for the cable to tighten and glide me across the lake. I started moving and.....

I fell.

wake board 2 

I had to try again, and this time it was easier! Pretty soon after a couple more tries, I could stand up on the board with ease and glide across the whole lake! It is such a rush, and so much fun! I went across the lake a couple more times and before taking a break. (Wake boarding is addicting...once you try it you won't want to stop!)

wake board 3 

The staff at the West Rock Wake Park are phenomenal. They were so patient with me and all of my questions. Plus, they really know what they're talking about! All of their advice worked like a charm. A couple words of advice if/when you try it out for yourself:


  • Hold your arms out straight in front of you before the cable pulls you. Don't bend them or keep them by your chest.
  • Once the cable pulls you, do NOT try to pull yourself up toward the cable handle. This will make you wobbly and you will fall. Trust me.
  • Once you're up on the board, don't lean back on your heels because you'll veer off toward the side. Keep your weight in the middle of your feet so you travel straight under the cable, and put a little more weight on your back foot.


I can't wait to try wake boarding again, and I highly recommend you try it too! Just prepare for your arms to be a little sore the next day.


West Rock Wake Park is located at 1420 S Pierpont Ave in Rockford. Visit their website for hours and prices.