In the year of 2021 there are so many milestones that can be celebrated. There are so many accomplishments that have been made by black people. Obstacles that have been overcome leaving our counterparts wondering how and some would even wonder why? There is simply one answer. We are made of Magic. No, not the kind where a card disappears or a coin comes from out behind your ear, but real magic. The type of magic that leaves a legacy.

Black History Month is a moment to remember and celebrate that very legacy that has created such a diverse world. Some may think that diversity only speaks to an individual’s ethnicity but that is not true. Diversity speak to opportunities, education, communities but most of all it is the foundation of our families. If you take a moment and think about your family I’m sure that you all have many differences that each contribute to who you are. 

Black History Month provides us with an opportunity to see the magic that has been able to spread throughout the world through music, art, economics and so much more. Our daily interactions are filled with the very legacy that our ancestors have passed down. Who would have thought that we would survive a pandemic while still trying to fight for the very right to breathe, but we have. 

Black History Month is a moment to remember that no matter how hard life becomes because of the color of our skin, we are beautiful, resilient and a driving force in anything that we believe in. Do not be fooled while black history is celebrated in a month it is an everyday lifestyle. You are black history, I am black history because we create black history every day that we choose to continue to fight for what is right. 

In every moment you have a choice. That choice will vary with different causes and outcomes. A choice that you have every day is what perspective that you will choose to adopt. While we are influenced daily, it is our responsibility to do right by others. 

Black history holds many of moments of doing good but also many moments of pain. Through the resilience of our parents, grandparents and so many more, we have developed a moment in time where their legacy can be shared. Inventions, music, art and so much more allow us a peek into the past. While the past may not always be joyful to recall, it is more than important. For us to be able to know exactly where we are going we must know and remember where we have been. 

Black History Month has many meanings to many different people but nevertheless it is and forever will be a part of history. Recently, we have seen many negative actions of the past reappear which has been unfortunate. We have also been able to rewrite history with present and future accomplishments. This should stand as a testament to our resilience, motivation but also love as we remember that we are far stronger than we will ever be apart. 

Mercedes Joyner     NAACP Rockord logo

Written by: Mercedes Joyner, Founder of Joyner Marketing & Communications and NAACP Vice President and Communications Chair