Located in Northern Illinois is a vineyard in our own backyard! With seating both inside and outside, DC Estate Winery is the perfect location for anything from extravagant weddings to a casual wine outing with friends. Recently, my best friend and both of our moms chose DC Estate Winery as the location for our weekend get-together, and their $5 Wine Tasting served as the perfect event. We each chose five different wines from their diverse list, and our girls’ day began!

With quality wine, breathtaking scenery and welcoming staff, we enjoyed a relaxing and fun-filled evening. Family-owned and operated, DC Estate Winery’s goal is to create an unforgettable experience with their delicious wines and picturesque setting, and they did just that! Not only do they have outstanding wine, but they also have a gift shop and snack menu available to top-off your experience here. 

While the four of us each chose a very different wine tasting list, a few extraordinary wines stood out. If you are looking for a sweet and unique wine, Peach Honey is what you’re looking for! In one glass, the hints of peach, honey AND cinnamon all come through separately while also complementing each other to make for a delicious glass of wine. **INSIDER SECRET!!** If you order a glass of the Peach Honey, DC staff will heat it up for you, so you can have a glass of delicious, warm wine! 

Another sweet and fruity wine that piqued our interest was the DC Sweet Riesling. If the Peach Honey is a little too sweet for your liking, this Sweet Riesling just might do the trick. As a more relaxed light wine, this riesling was definitely a favorite amongst everyone as we decided to even get a bottle for the entire table! 

Lastly, a wine that I have more recently come to love is the Creekside Red. After having a glass of this wine that is both fruity while also boasting hints of oak, we decided to bring a bottle home for our next family gathering! DC Estate Winery suggests it be served with red meat, chicken or pasta, and while we enjoyed it by itself during our wine night, we figured it would be perfect at any family dinner as well!

Their current menu boasts a list of 15 diverse wines to choose from (see it listed below!). Go check them out Thursday-Saturday 11am-6pm or Sunday 12pm-5pm at 8877 State Line Rd, South Beloit, IL or at https://www.dcestatewinery.com/




Full bodied with dark fruit and plum characters

Creekside Red

Dry and fruity with a hint of oak. Serve as an accompaniment to red meat, chicken, or pasta.

DC Meritage

A dry blend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Berries, chocolate and coffee notes on the palate with a long tannic finish.



Creekside White

A blend of four white grapes make this dry and fruity Chablis style wine with melon and tropical fruit characters.

DC Chardonnay

A cool fermented Chardonnay made entirely in stainless steel. Crisp with a distinct apple and grapefruit character.



Heritage Sweet Red Dessert Wine

This “northern grown” port exhibits strong fruit character and a lighter body that makes it a perfect mate to dessert and cheeses.

Liberty Ice Wine

Sweet dessert wine made with Vidal Blanc grapes left to freeze in the vineyard. Serve by itself as dessert or with fruit and cheese.



Cobblestone Demi-Sec

A semi-dry “German style” wine bursting with floral and apple fruit character.



Serendipity Sparkling

A bit of sweetness and a fresh fruity finish. What a perfect way to begin an evening with friends.




Lightly sweet and fruity wine that captures the essence of fresh cranberries. This wine is a delightful addition to any holiday celebration. Also, add a splash to your favorite vodka for a surprisingly delicious cranberry cosmopolitan.

Peach Honey

A delightful combination of peaches sweetened with natural honey and finished with a touch of cinnamon. This seemingly perfect union tastes like ripe peaches drenched with honey.



Babbling Blush

A blush wine made for wine drinkers who prefer a sweeter wine. A sweeter version of a “White Zinfandel”.

Reflection of Red

A red wine made with a blend of grapes including Concord, for those who prefer a sweeter red without the tannin bite.




A sweet white wine with floral aromas and apparent citrus fruit qualities.

DC Sweet Riesling

Ripe apple and lightly floral flavors unravel on the palate with this light, refreshing, medium-bodied white wine.


** Snack Menu Also Available** 

** Purchase a six pack box of wine. Every time you visit us after that and bring your box receive 10% off your 6 pack purchase!**