No, seriously, do you see? Sock Monkeys are everywhere!

This week we had a site visit from a couple executives from Vero & Associates. They're the company that puts on Travel Media Showcase, taking place in Rockford in August of 2013. About a hundred travel writers will descend upon Rockford to meet with representatives from destinations all over the country AND of course learn about why we love Rockford so much.

We took them on a whirlwind tour sampling only a few of the destinations we hope the travel writers will see in August. During this time, we learned that one of the women visiting LOVES sock monkeys.

Of course she knows that Rockford is home to the sock monkey and was really excited when we stopped at Tinker Swiss Cottage because right next door is the old Nelson Knitting Company, where the socks were originally made. Long ago, some women who worked at Nelson Knitting made the monkeys out of socks for Christmas gifts for their here for the story.

As we traveled around Rockford, I saw sock monkeys everywhere. Since we were kind of on the lookout for them, I couldn't believe how easy they were to find! Stockholm Inn even has a sock monkey Christmas Tree.

 sock monkey tree

Do you see what I see? Sock Monkeys are everywhere! And good for Rockford to capitalize on something that so many people love, and is truly a Rockford Original.