There's no denying it...Fall is upon us. The leaves are changing colors before our eyes and the weather is gradually getting cooler. Usually at this time of year I'm not all too excited because Fall means saying goodbye to warm weather. However, this year I have a different attitude.

Do you know how many fun things there are to do in Rockford in the Fall? We actually now have a whole page on our website dedicated to fall activities and events (check it out here)! And you better look over the list soon because some of the events are happening this weekend! 

fall blog twisted crypt 

I have personally done a few things on the list and plan on doing plenty more. One of the things I did was venture into the Twisted Crypt on its opening weekend. I'm not one to do haunted houses, but I thought I would try this one out. I don't want to spoil the surprises they have in store, so I'll just say if you want to be scared and creeped out, you should go!

fall blog apple orchard 

And who could dislike Fall when it means that the Apple Orchard is open? I've already been to Edwards Apple Orchard three times this season...and plan on going a few times more before the season's end! There's nothing better than sitting outside on a crisp Fall day with a cup of hot cider in one hand and a fresh cider donut in the other. Yum!

So this season I'm going to embrace the fact that Fall is here and enjoy it! Be sure to take a look at our Fall Fun page to start planning what you're going to do this season too!