From the moment I walked into Event Floral, I felt like I was in a perfect Pinterest wedding. There were beautiful displays to gaze at as guests entered the shop in every inch of the room. It was the attention to detail that really caught my eye. Each item was carefully placed, and the décor was creatively displayed so each piece contributed to the overall delicate ambiance of the room.  

Center Piece

I was quickly greeted by the owner of Event Floral, Erin Stoffregen. Erin gave me a tour of their brand-new building as she talked about the business she took over four years ago. As a high school student, Erin began working at Event Floral while founder, Debra Quillen, was the owner. Before opening her own shop, Debra worked at her father’s floral shop, Broadway Florist. Wedding floral designs became Debra’s passion. To pursue that passion, Debra branched out to open Event Floral as an innovative, one stop shop for all event floral and décor needs. With continued growth, Debra’s vision is truly a reality. Not only does Event Floral design exquisite flower arrangements, they also provide clients with artistic décor, specialty linens, creativity, and exceptional service! 

Floral Design

Erin and her coworkers were busy putting together flower arrangements for two weddings that weekend. The colors of pale pink, white, and green were spread about the room leading up to the walk in “cooler,” but it was unlike any cooler I had ever seen! Flowers of all shapes, sizes, and colors filled the cool space from top to bottom. The smell of fresh cut flowers filled the air and stretched out into the store room. Further inspection of the facility took us through a large back room completely full of linens galore! Erin said while they were moving locations, they counted more than 3,000 unique linens!


While summer and fall are the busy wedding seasons, Event Floral is busy all year long. Fun corporate events, balls, and galas heat up in the winter months from January through April. Event Floral also opens their doors for public classes during the holiday season where people can come in and arrange their very own Thanksgiving center piece or holiday wreath! 

Rose from Event Floral

Why choose Event Floral for your next event? Erin says their work speaks for itself! The floral arrangements are incomparable, their creativity is unmatched, and their attention to detail is one of their top priorities! Event Floral has created a single destination for all your event decor needs. Their new location is designed to create a memorable experience from the initial process through the finished product.  

Event Floral Flowers

Erin was so helpful and while my inner Pinterest wedding planner thinks I would be able to create beautiful designs and displays, it is best to leave it to the professionals! I know I will be heading to Erin and her team next time I am looking to plan an event! 

Event Floral Contact Information:

Address:  7302 Rock Valley Pkwy, Loves Park, IL 61111

Phone:  815-885-3900

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