Thrill ride seekers, bocce competitors, and pasta lovers alike all congregate for one weekend each year at the annual Festa Italiana! If you're not already, you'll be an "honorary Italian" for one weekend at this annual event (held at Boylan Catholic High School on July 31 - August 2, 2015)! 

festa italiana blog 1

Rockford band Audio Rewind continues their set at Festa Italiana


festa italiana blog 2

Burbank resident Adianna Circeill throws the ball towards the dunk tank target 


festa italiana blog 3

Rockford resident Don Stein holds his daughter Beth on the carousel 


festa italiana blog 4

Rockford resident Alyssa Perez closes her eyes as she goes down the slide


festa italiana blog 5

Children jump and run around in the bouncy house


festa italiana blog 6

Rockford residents Juliana Rostamo (left) and Julia Balice scream as they ride the "Tilt-A-Whirl"


festa italiana blog 7

Rockford residents Nolan Gray (left), Donald Guagilareo (center), and Leighton Fosberg (right) ride the "Scrambler"


festa italiana blog 8

Rockford resident Morgan Canova aims at the target to win the game


festa italiana blog 9

Loves Park resident Mandy Wright rides the "Rolo-Plane"


festa italiana blog 10

Members of the Amici Italian Dance Troupe in Rockford play their tambourines during their routine


tyler yomantasTyler Yomantas is a photographer that specializes in capturing the moments and beauty of the Rock River Valley, with over 6 years of experience in his field. He enjoys bicycling around Rockford and capturing the amazing sights and moments. He is also a student at Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.