Before Christmas, I went to the newly opened Vintage@501 for lunch. The atmosphere is homey and comfortable. Matt Idzikowski, owner of Vintage@501, told us on our last radio show that he personally picked out the unique decor for the place. The restaurant's vintage vibe is matched perfectly with classic rock that's playing at just the right volume--and anyone who knows me knows I'm a sucker for classic rock music. 

I had a chipotle chicken wrap which was delicious. The chicken was tender with just the right amount of spice. It came with way too many fries, hot out of the oven, but somehow I managed to eat them all. There are lots of great items on the menu, from sandwiches to steaks, all reasonably priced.

The staff was friendly and quick. We were in and out within an hour, which was great since I was on my lunch hour. Speaking of the lunch hour, you can also order carry-out and pick it up at their express entrance. They reserve a couple parking spots right outside the doors so you can be back in your car within a matter of minutes. 


Vintage@501 is located at 501 E. State St, at the corner of State and 2nd Streets, across from City Hall.