I've been interested and involved with art for as long as I can remember, so I hate to admit I have never been to ArtScene before last weekend! I wasn't about to miss it this time around.

I chose a few locations out of the 33 to visit that I knew had a variety of artwork and displays. Anderson Japanese Gardens was the first stop. They had everything from soaps, wood sculptures, pottery, stained glass, photography, and a variety of artwork from local high school students. Everyone enjoyed watching the live demonstrations of pottery making, and a select few were even able to try it themselves!

One of the most popular places for all ages was Mendelssohn Hall to see the Rockford Etsy Team. Table after table of handmade goods and crafts filled the room as people browsed and purchased assorted items. I am particularly fond of earrings and jewelry in general, so I was easily distracted as I perused around!

After reading about what different locations were showing, I knew I definitely wanted to go to the Rockford Art Deli to see the toy display. The entire back wall was filled with little shelves featuring crazy and unique toys (an action figure with Ronald Reagan's head painted like Buzz Lightyear??). These aren't your usual Barbies and G.I. Joes.

After experiencing ArtScene, I know I will definitely be going again in the fall. If you missed ArtScene or want to experience it again, check out this video I made highlighting some of the exhibits!