In my experience at the RACVB, two terms that resonate are opportunity and platform. When I think of opportunity, I envision a chance for progress. With platform, I picture a vehicle to make our ideas and visions come to life.

In my role, I have the opportunity to sell Rockford as a place for visitors to host meetings, conferences, sports tournaments and a myriad of other events. Much like the opportunities, I see my platforms as endless: networking events, trade shows and appointments are a few of the obvious examples. But what about a random conversation at the grocery store with the cashier, meeting a new member at the Y, or that small talk while waiting in line for lunch? Any of these examples--obvious or not-so-obvious--often demonstrate how intertwined we all are as humans.  

Whether or not one works for a living to market Rockford, everyone who has or has had a vested interest in the Rockford Region is, at least, an extension of our region's marketability. It's in that vested interest that lies the opportunity for every Rockfordian to make his or her case about what the next best event might be for our community.

The next time you travel to convene with colleagues or to attend a child's sports tournament, ask yourself if that event is in line with your interests. Is it non-traditional but forward thinking? Would it be a benefit to the Rockford Region?

The questions could go on and on. But if any of your answers is yes, it's probably time to act.