WHO: Britney Lindgren
EMPLOYED AT: Rockford Art Deli
AGE: 33
LIVES IN: Rockford

Britney Lindgren

Q: What brought you to Rockford?
A: After college, I moved back to Rockford to live with my significant other, Jarrod Hennis. He had the screen printing shop and I knew I could help him out. I graduated from Byron High School but I wasn't interested in moving back to Byron because I wanted to live in a bigger city with more diversity. Rockford made sense because it was familiar and I love its history!

Q: What do you like most about the Rockford region?
A: I love the community! I've made so many friends and have been able to build meaningful relationships both through business and personally.

Social Urban Bar & Restaurant

Q: What do you like to do in Rockford?
A: I'm a huge fan of having nights out with friends. I frequent any of the Paul Sletten trifecta - Taco Betty's, Social and Abreo - the most!

Q: What do you tell non-locals about Rockford?
A: I'm always a huge advocate for telling the non-locals how much love and community feeling exists in Rockford. When people hear that we all like to work together, it really gives them a different perspective on how our city works, and I think it gives them a deeper understanding of our passion for the city!

Q: What is Rockford's best-kept secret?
A: Uncle Nick's! :)