1. What inspired you to pursue your career?

I am blessed to have two exciting careers: one as the operator of my business, Riche Black Public Relations, and the other as an elected Alderperson. My journey into event planning began at a young age when I organized my best friend's birthday party at 12 years old. I have been orchestrating large-scale events and managing brand communications ever since. Running for office was driven by a profound sense of calling, a belief that I was born to help others. Being elected has given me the opportunity to serve my community in a significant way, and I am grateful for the chance to make a positive impact on a larger scale.

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2. What have been the most rewarding points of your career?

Being a source of inspiration for others and knowing that your actions have positively impacted someone's personal or professional journey is incredibly meaningful. The feeling of wowing people and sparking conversations with something you've created also brings a great sense of fulfillment. One of my proudest moments is securing the $430M re-development project in my ward, Colman Yards. It represents a promising future for Rockford, and I firmly believe it's the kind of transformative initiative our city deserves.

3. What challenges have you encountered and how have you overcome them?

Being a catalyst for change often means accepting that not everyone will approve of your actions. Challenging authority and advocating for truth inevitably carries consequences. However, prioritizing integrity ensures that your legacy will be defined by a steadfast commitment to doing what is right, regardless of popularity or adversity.

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4. Who is a woman, personal or public figure, who has inspired or influenced you, and why?

My late Grandmother was a deeply inspiring figure in my life. She exemplified grace, hospitality, and demonstrated unwavering faith during her lifetime. Witnessing her embody these qualities deeply influenced my understanding of resilience, compassion, and the importance of maintaining a positive outlook despite life's challenges.