The Rockford community continues to impress me on a daily basis.  There are so many incredible people that offer up their personal time for the common good of our region.  One movement, called Rockford Sharefest, recently swept through our downtown area for Phase I of a beautification project within our great city.  Hundreds of volunteers worked hard to do everything from planting flowers to painting light poles, benches and so much more. 

Not only do our streets look even more beautiful then they did before, many strangers turned into friends and a community bonded.  There are many layers to a community's growth process, some layers are clearly visible while others are not seen on the surface.  The biggest takeaway from a project like this is to stop from the busy everyday routine and simply appreciate the little things that make your surroundings more aesthetically pleasing.  Not only that...remember that a community is made up of people, each doing their part to make that community a better place to 


A huge thank you goes out to the many folks that volunteered for Sharefest 2014 in downtown Rockford and at Roosevelt School.  Their hard work, participation and uplifting attitudes were very much appreciated and recognized.  We look forward to Phase II of the beautification process and of course, Sharefest 2015!  Go Rockford!

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