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Independence Day is a time of exciting patriotic celebrations. The days leading up to, the day of,


- Inaugural IRONMAN 70.3 Rockford-Illinois triathlon is scheduled to take place on June 22,

At a young age I remember going to Sinnissippi Park in June for a huge celebration kind of oblivious

Summer is the perfect time to explore the great outdoors and the thousands of acres of green space

Summer is the best time of year for fresh fruits and vegetables and shopping for hand-crafted items

Get ready to immerse yourself in tons of art and entertainment at the CRE8IV Music and Arts Festival

Revel in a weekend overflowing with festivals, farmer’s markets, food trucks, and endless fun!

Rockford Region Summer Music Guide

Tuesday, May 7, 2024 4:00 PM by Amanda August

Welcome to the ultimate summer music guide for all you music lovers in the Rockford Region! With the

Spring is here and with it comes beautiful spring flowers in the Rockford region. From the serene

Whether antiquing is your hobby, business or a new adventure, a solid plan with a list of great